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“Stephani has been a positive ambassador for The Hartford for more than 10 years. Her story of pushing the limits of her personal power and athletic skills personifies our Ability Philosophy. Her energy, confidence and optimism is contagious. Her style is friendly and engaging, and she delivers her message with passion. We have been fortunate to partner with this elite Paralympic athlete who has inspired our teammates and business partners to overcome obstacles and succeed.”

-Jim Whittingslow Director, Marketing at The Hartford

“Thank you for delivering an incredible keynote presentation to The Hartford’s VIP business partners at the Summit event. Your speech, filled with passion and determination, was delivered in an honest and sincere way that touched each person in the audience. You brought people to tears, made them laugh and truly impacted their lives.

Your presence at the event, inspiring story and willingness to connect with our guests was a huge part of what made this program a success. It was incredible to see the line of people waiting to meet you, and I thank you for staying to make sure each of our guests had the opportunity to speak with you.

The lessons you have learned in life and how you deliver those messages to your audience truly sets you apart. Your passion, professionalism and ability to relate to people truly made an impact. Thanks in large part to you, our program was a success.”

-Leah Stoddard, Associate Director, Marketing

The Hartford Team and U.S. Paralympics — Ability Philosophy in Action
U.S. Paralympic athletes personify The Hartford’s “Ability Philosophy,” grounded in the belief that people are defined by what they can do, not what they can’t. That’s why in 2003, The Hartford became a founding sponsor of U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

As inspirational role models, U.S. Paralympic athletes demonstrate through their deeds and dedication that it is possible to overcome physical disabilities to live an active, fulfilling life, both personally and professionally. Their message: with the right support and resources, the heart, mind and body can accomplish great things.

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