Gold’s Gym (Documentary Feature)

FreePlay Films LLC
Directed by Bruce Ebel and Produced by Greg Buyers an all important tribute to many of the industry’s legends, including Frank Zane, Pete Grymkowski, Red Lerille, Jim Morris, Joe Bozich, Neal Spruce, Randy Roach, Roger Callard and many more. Featuring Stephani Victor Paralympic Gold Medalist and Adam Friedman of Advanced Athletics.

The Story (Documentary Feature)

The Ski Channel
Directed by Steve Bellamy The Story stars Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Bobby Brown, Willie Bogner, Chris Davenport. Kristi Leskinen, Chris Benchelter, Stephani Victor Reggie and Zack Crist, Mike Douglas and numerous stars of skiing, snowboarding, speed flying, paragliding, river surfing and kite skiing.

I-ology (Documentary Feature)

I AM… Productions
Woody Woodward directed compelling stories of athletes, millionaires and gang members who are all driven by what makes them feel important. The true discover was how they used this importance to propel them to greatness of misery.

Above Suspicion

USA Network
Movie of the week (drama) directed by Stephen La Rocque starring Scott Bakula, Annabella Sciorra and Edward Asner. Guest starring Stephani Victor.

Target Earth

Sci-Fi feature directed by Peter Markle starring Christopher Meloni, Marcia Cross and Chad Lowe. Guest starring Stephani Victor.

30, Still Single and Contemplating Suicide

Independent Feature Film
In his feature film directing debut Greg Lanesey won awards at several film festivals including the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, the Breckenridge Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. Starring Christopher May, Terry Gatens, Jill Zimmerman and special appearances by Stephani Victor and James Lesure.


ABC News
Barbara Walters and Bob Brown bring the inspirational story of one young woman’s dramatic journey back from an unexpected and crushing fate — one she decided to document on videotape. Stephani Victor’s life will never be the same. And maybe yours will be changed as well.

Best Damn Sports Show Period

FOX Sports
Interviewed by Chris Rose, Tom Arnold and John Salley in front of a live studio audience, Stephani Victor proves there’s no match for her desire, drive and will to win.

The View

Meredith Viera explores the unrelenting bond of a mother and daughter in the face of catastrophe and how the love of family and friends can heal significant loss.

E! News Daily

E! Entertainment Television
An inside look behind the scenes at the movie Target Earth starring Christopher Meloni with guest star Stephani Victor, newly disabled actress as she returns to the silver screen.

The Life

Athlete Biography News Magazine show highlighting Stephani Victor’s alpine ski racing on the World Cup circuit.

How would the “Diary of Anne Frank” be different if she had a video camera? In 1945, Anne Frank shared her most intimate details of her life through her diary. In 1995, Stephani Victor shared the most intimate details of her life through a video camera.

On December 19, 1995, Stephani was standing on the sidewalk in Hermosa Beach, California when an out of control vehicle jumped the curb and crushed her into another car. In order to save her life the doctors had to amputate both of her legs above the knee. Nothing in her life had prepared her for such a monumental shock. She was now faced with circumstances that she could not possibly fathom. For Stephani, dissolving into a deep depression was not an option. Her will and life force enabled her to reach deep down within herself, utilize the fire in her heart and reclaim her sense of self from this devastating life alteration. Without hesitation she chose a quest for knowledge fueled by an unyielding drive to defy the odds. Filled with gratitude for her life, she began her grueling rehabilitation and at the same time began filming her own life’s tribulations.

The intensity and urgency of the situation unfolded, second after second as she exposed her own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual rebirth before the lens. Documenting each step, Stephani captured endless hours of rehabilitation, in and out of hospitals, thirteen reconstructive surgeries, her re-entry into society, walking again on two prosthetic legs as well as the discovery of her next challenge; ski racing. After a few extraordinary lessons with the head coach of the Park City Disabled Ski Team, Marcel Kuonen, Stephani was given an offer she could not refuse, to relocate to Park City and train to compete in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

Rarely does the general public have an opportunity to witness another person’s life experience on such an intimate level. “The Lengths I Will Go” is a raw and invigorating portrait of one woman’s will to survive and re-create her life. In the midst of tragedy and chaos, Stephani relentlessly set out to share the sadness, horror and triumph of her story. Her journey began just five days after the accident in ICU where she looked fearlessly through the lens not knowing exactly where those scenes might go and now, nearly twenty years later that journey reaches a gold medal winning climax when Stephani won a gold medal in the slalom at the 2006 Torino, Italy Winter Olympics and again in the Super Combined in the 2010 Vancouver, Canada Winter Olympics.