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“When I first starting working with Stephani back in 1997 I never imagined the incredible journey that it would become. We’ve gone from working towards walking in prosthetics, to training for four Paralympic games, and now are going full circle training for prosthetics again. I’ve witnessed Stephani achieve immense victories in life and sport, but they did not come without enormous challenges along the way. Stephani brought her tenacity, winning attitude, and champion spirt each and every day of training. No matter what goals she’s training for, we stay true to the foundation of health of mind, body, and spirit first. We train for functional strength which translates into supporting her elite athletic performances, injury prevention, and many areas of having a very high quality of life with longevity. Stephani embodies the constant pursuit of living life to its fullest in such a loving fashion. I’m honored and grateful to have the strong bond that we have created together.”

-Adam Friedman, Owner, Advanced Athletics

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