The ski tip actually crosses the finish line first. My body follows by mere hundredths of a second and the time stops with me, but my ski is first. I have earned the tremendous privilege and honor to race in the last 4 winter Olympic Games: 2014 Sochi, Russia, 2010 Vancouver, Canada, 2006 Torino, Italy and 2002 Salt Lake City, Utah all on the same brand of skis, Rossignol.

It all started with a single ski from an athlete who returned half of a broken pair. Useless to someone skiing with two legs, but that one ski offered me the opportunity to train and my ski racing career began. I wanted to be worthy of a pair and those of you who know me can attest to the pair I have – of skis that is! But it would take proving myself as an athlete and through my results in order to land my first official contract from Francois Sedan, former Rossignol Race Director in France, when he recognized my potential and rewarded it after I won my first gold at the World Championships in 2004.

As I grew as a ski racer my relationship with Rossignol grew. The only brand I ever skied, trained and competed on. From that one salvaged ski to being under contract and opening each season, just like every contracted World Cup racer, I would travel to Voiron, France with my serviceman Marcel and hand select the stock I would race on for that season. Such a privilege I never took for granted. Not only because having the fastest race stock increased my probability of producing winning results but because it meant the decision makers at Rossignol believed in me and they still do. You will find me skiing on Rossignol skis in my home area of Deer Valley and Solitude Utah and around the world.

Continued heartfelt gratitude and thanks to those at Rossignol who believe.

Ron Steele, Francois Sedan, Francois Goulet, Bruno Cercley, Fred Eudier, France Lessard, Didier Schweighauser, Angelo Mania, Bob Perenzin, Thor Verdonk, and Kevin Hillier



Olympic Postcard proof

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