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pilatesology-logo“I’ve trained many world-class athletes so I’m familiar with the highest level of performance possible for the human body and mind. What Stephani brings to the table is different and more powerful. Her unquenchable spirit, zest for life and deep empathy for the human condition inspire all who meet her.”

-Alisa Wyatt, Chief Pilates Officer, Pilatesology

Yoga works for everybody…even me, especially me. In the sacred space of the studio, under the gentle loving guidance of each teacher, I bring all of who I am to my mat. There is nothing missing. No right or wrong way to flow through each pose. Just complete surrender, opportunity, mindfulness, and discovery of the wholeness of my being.

Initially I found yoga to just breathe. To center myself, alleviate the fear of my past near death and my new life would be going forward. Through my breath I became anchored in the present and discovered I wanted to move, be strong, independent and free.

My daily Kundalini practice perfectly prepared me for each day of training and competing on the slopes. To be the best in the world in ski racing means you have to ski on the edge. Sometimes you go over that edge and my yoga practice gave me both strength and flexibility to come away from crashes, most of the time unscathed.

The effect of my committed practice to prevent injury resulted in so much more. My mental focus and clarity gave me the necessary advantage to win by hundredths of a second. With my mind focused and my body strong my spiritual path expanded exponentially.

I am so grateful to Yogaworks for supporting me as an athlete. It is in the Yogaworks Studio I am nurtured and through the guidance of my teachers I grow. It is with great pleasure and gratitude I share my teachers and this very special place with you.

My Teachers
Jorge Luna
Aimee Donahue
Alisa Wyatt
Maeve Macffrey
Doug Biznak