Never the same presentation twice, Stephani has consistently delivered for over 20 years deeply moving experiences. Taking her audiences from the tops of the highest mountains to an inner journey inspiring triumph of the human spirit. She is raw, authentic, driven and daring enough to dream, leaving her audiences uplifted, motivated and challenged to explore who they are and what difference they can make in the world.

Whether Stephani is speaking to corporations, inner city schools or racing down the slopes, those around her realize Stephani Victor possesses the rarest of gifts: the ability to positively inspire, motivate and lead. And perhaps change a few lives along the way.

Speaker Inquiries

Matt Radecki | Different By Design
310-510-6658 |  mattradecki@gmail.com

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    “Stephani Victor is a brilliant speaker who can resonate with a broad audience. Using her life as a backdrop, Stephani shares a message of determination, focus, and, perhaps most poignantly, a love of life. Though she touched each of us in a different manner, Stephani clearly provided motivation and inspiration to our team. I am confident that our EY team will perform at an even higher level because of Stephani’s impact. Candidly, there are very few people that could accomplish this, be it from outside or inside our firm. I am so glad Stephani came to us and recommend her to any team looking for a wonderful speaker to provide a motivating, inspiring and relevant story.”

    -Patrick J. Niemann, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young – Greater Los Angeles

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    “Simply put, our conference was a hit because of you. With your inspiring words and stories, you helped us to give our attendees a gift, which will remain with them for the rest of their lives. I am not sure I have ever seen a crowd more engaged. We all learned so much about adapting, yet concurrently pursuing excellence. I will long be grateful to you for making the trek to Florida to join us!”

    -Nomi Bergman, President, Bright House Networks

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    “As the keynote for Thursday’s closing plenary, you brought a level of excitement and responsiveness from the audience that was exactly what we wanted to end our successful conference. Thanks for sharing the impactful and uplifting story of your life and success in some many mediums. You are so inspirational and yet approachable, that we can only view you with admiration and want to follow your example of never giving up.”

    -Jill D. Houghton USBLN® Executive Director

  • wealth-horizon-logo“I am writing to tell you how much my clients and guests enjoyed your very inspiring keynote speech for our annual “Celebrating Wonderful Women” event. The most notable thing about that evening for me was how approachable you are. We all could identify with the fact that anyone of us could have our lives drastically changed in a moment. The humbling part is looking within to see if we each would have the courage you have shown in reinventing your life into an incredible journey. You demonstrate the joy we can have if we choose it no matter our circumstances.”

    “Any organization fortunate enough to have you speak will be profoundly touched and motivated to be their best. No amount of adversity can defeat us if we find our way through. You continue to show us over and over again.”

    -J. Jeri Hewitt Miller, CFP President Wealth Horizon

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    “You touched the very hearts and minds of not only the graduating teens in our program but their parents and guardians as well. Your keynote address was powerful and very moving; you had each one of us riveted to our seats, hanging on to your every word.

    Your life is clearly a beacon of light and inspiration, and that you would choose to share your personal experiences in such a way that it empowers others to go beyond their own limitations and fears is quite extraordinary. You touched our teens and young adults in a way that few adults do- and they very willingly let you into their hearts as not only one from whom they could learn, but as a trusting friend; and for that, I am most deeply, deeply grateful.”

    -Akuyoe Graham, Founder/CEO, Spirit Awakening

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    “We are honored to have you as an ambassador. Thank you for being such a great role model to all Americans.”

    -Charlie Huebner, Chief/Secretary General, Paralympics

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    “Stephani Victor was one of our success stories. She is a beautiful, energetic, athletic, patriotic, young woman whose enthusiasm for life was apparent the moment she entered our large hanger and took her place on the stage. Stephani shared her experience with the 2000+ men and women of the 388th Fighter Wing, Hill AFB but more importantly, her message of choice and accountability. She urged the troops to think about the potential consequence of their actions before they made bad decisions. Her message had a profound effect. From the time she spoke until the Labor Day weekend, we were DUI free for over a period of 5 months –a wing record. Ms. Victor was, in large measure, responsible for our success in raising awareness. I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Stephani Victor as a guest speaker who has lived it, risen above it and now shares her incredible story in a way that touches lives and a message that cannot be ignored.”

    Michael W. Palmer, Colonel, US Air Force Vice Commander

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    “Thank you for such a gracious and uplifting speech. You are an outstanding spokesperson on many fronts. You instilled to our listeners the value of setting a goal and doing whatever it took to achieve it. Most importantly you spoke from the heart blessing us all with love and hope – hope for our dreams and love for all regardless of outward appearances. While you share your remarkable story, the listener is forever changed in what they believe a person with a disability can do, but even more importantly, what anyone can do when they set a goal with determination and the belief than anything is possible.”

    -Meeche White, Chief Executive Officer, National Ability Center

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    “Stephani Victor, who provided the keynote address, was able to provide just the right blend of inspiration, fearless determination, hard work and the use of technology to connect on many levels with the hundreds present.”

    -Neil M. Meltzer, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sinai Hospital

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    “On behalf of the 4,400 member Cadet Wing, the Center for Character Development and the more than 450 visiting students, faculty and guests from around the world who attended, I would like to thank you for your keynote presentations at the 14th Annual National Character and Leadership Symposium. Your message on “Triumph of the Human Spirit” was inspiring and meaningful to all who attended and we are grateful for your participation. Strong, positive role models for these young men and women have a tremendous impact on their development. Your message is certain to remain at the forefront of their thoughts throughout their careers. Your message has made a difference in the lives of our nation’s future leaders.”

    -David Higginbotham, Major USAF, Department of the Air Force, Commandant of Cadets, USAF Academy Colorado

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    “Stephani Victor is articulate, engaging and conspicuously sincere in her delivery. Her story in itself is remarkable, and she conveys it in a compelling way. The relevance of her message is especially powerful for those who have suffered physical limitations, but is equally appropriate for anyone seeking to overcome difficult odds and extreme challenges in business or social settings.”

    -Warren A. Green, President and Chief Executive Officer, LifeBridge Health

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    “Stephani Victor delivered a powerful and motivating keynote address to the Legacy of Learning Scholarship Program. She embodied the theme ‘triumph’ in a most memorable way. She was engaging and immediately connected with the audience until she was the last to leave after photos and signing autographs.”

    -Dennis V. Lloyd, Senior Vice President/General Counsel, Workers Compensation Fund

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    “Stephani delivered a wonderful and inspiring speech, which made our YMCA’s Grand Opening Celebration one that we won’t soon forget! She is such an inspiration to everyone who sees and listens to her.”

    -Nick Zimmer, Executive Director, YMCA